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Visitor Tech provides hardware and software for office automation and office management, including electronic visitor sign in, digital signage, meeting room booking management, as well as, car park management.


Desk booking

The Desk Booking system allows you to manage all facets of hot desk management, the system ties in with the sign in system allowing you to automate the booking and allocation of desks. A mobile enabled website allows your employees to book a desk via their mobile devices.

Upon arrival to the office a user scans into the sign in kiosk and is allocated a desk, at that point, the system can keep all employees to a specific area of the office to maximise energy efficiency. An optional energy management system allows you to monitor and manage all facets of power for your workstations.

The system ties in with our energy management hardware and only powers up / down desks & lighting on a need to basis once signed in  / out respectively. Optional connectors can manage environmental systems such as air conditioners, thereby allowing for energy management in ways that was not possible prior to the advent of desk management systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).