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Visitor Tech provides hardware and software for office automation and office management, including electronic visitor sign in, digital signage, meeting room booking management, as well as, car park management.


Room Booking

The Visitor Tech Room Booking system manages meeting and conference rooms in your offices. The system allows you to add a touch screen to the entry of every bookable room you want to manage. This screen details, current time, booking status (i.e. available / booked) and scheduled availability of the room for the remainder of the day.

Each room is integrated into the corporate Microsoft Exchange server and can be booked for a meeting via Microsoft Outlook / Google calendar. The room can also be booked for ad hoc meetings at the touch screen residing outside the room. Screens can be used to tap on commencement of meetings, failing that it automatically cancels the meeting availing the meeting room should the meeting attendee not tap in within a configurable predetermined time. 

Display screens support HTML and are completely customisable. Manual screen customisation & integration displaying HTML placeholders is accommodated for meeting corporate compliance & governance requirements. Optionally, we can provide this service.

The touch screen can alternatively display digital signage when the room is not being used and also utilize it as a wayfinding screen in the event of an emergency where evacuation is required. Booking room faults or room detailing can be reported upon meeting completion via the screen. All requests go directly to a nominated employee of your choice or can be integrated with an existing ticket support systems.

Features include:

  • System is hardware agnostic allowing the use any hardware outside the meeting rooms; supported devices include, but not limited to, tablets such as iPads, Microsoft Surface and Android are all supported.
  • Complete Outlook / Outlook 365 integration;  simply select a room when creating a meeting and the system will successively display the upcoming meeting on the display screen residing outside the meeting room.
  • Report faults directly or request room housekeeping via the screen on completion of your meeting.