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Visitor Tech provides hardware and software for office automation and office management, including electronic visitor sign in, digital signage, meeting room booking management, as well as, car park management.


Visitor SIgn In

The visitor sign in system digitally manages onsite visitations at your reception, eradicating books and archaic site visitation manual processes.

A visitor or contractor approaches the system and enters their name and other important information such as who they are meeting during this visit. Upon completion of the sign in the visitor receives an optional printed label and the employee receives both an SMS and Email notification advising them their visitor's presence at reception.

Integration into existing security systems is an option allowing the printed label to act as a access card for the duration of their onsite visit.

Upon leaving the building the visitor signs out using a number on the label or scanning the label at the kiosk.  The system has a full suite of audit reports, such as details of visitor in question, who they visited, and time in /out. The system is flexible in what information is documented, for example, company name, contact details etc.

Features include:

  • A touch screen, the system is hardware agnostic, you select the hardware that's conducive to your environment. Options include: Kiosks, Touch Screen All In One computers, Industrial PC's, Touch Screen monitors mounted into reception desk. 
  • Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 integration, this allows your employees to be notified via email and SMS when a visitor arrives. Active Directory (AD) integration means you don't need to manage your employee's details, the system queries AD for information.
  • Automatically printed visitor and contractor access passes once signed into the building.
  • Contractors and Visitors can optionally be made to watch induction videos or accept rules and conditions of entry into building.
  • System contains an emergency mode that manages all visitors in the event of a evacuation.
  • Multi-site reporting and management; A hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) or an on-premise data-center server component solution can be accommodated.